03 Nov

Chesus – You’re So Special (Jacques Renault Remix)

Ooooh it's been a crazy week, I've been missing from the blog for a bit, so I am going to sing a simple post and chuck something out there purely designed to make you smile.


So to anyone who knows Aapie and I relatively well, or has taken a passing interest in the blog, we do love a bit of disco / disco house and today's track is absolute out and out filtered disco craziness. I came across it while flicking through soundcloud. Chesus as you may know is Earl Jeffers and most will know Jacques Renault. Whatever, this track is just awesome company as you cruise to work with a bit of sun chaperoning you along. Ok, it would be even better to go a bit bonkers to on the dance floor but hey ho.


what is there to say…not much really. It is pure disco house, filtered awesomeness.

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