07 Oct

Chelonis R. Jones – Love Needs An Invoice (Pezzner Mix)

It can be easy to get stuck looking backwards when selecting music to feature. Like most people i love a track because it evokes something in me that takes me elsewhere, and more often than not that can be back to some distant time my brain has remember in some magical way. But it's a difficult place to get stuck in, especially when writing a music blog, and I realised it had been a little while since I featured some new(ish) music. Luckily over the weekend i stocked up again, and loaded up some new stuff and some stuff i'd picked up over the summer and hadn't got around to really giving proper time to.

Of the new stuff i'm really enjoying the new Booka Shade Love Inc EP, but of the stuff I grabbed over the summer this track really did it for me:

Chelonis R. Jones – Love Needs An Invoice (Pezzner Mix)

Simply put it's a cracking slice of deep melodic melancholy house. American Jones crackling vocals counterpointing Pezzners melodic rhythms and keyboard riffs.

Pezzner for those that remember was once part of the Jacob London project on the Londons once legendary Classic Recordings back in the 90's. since then he's gone on to release for labels such as Crosstown Rebels (RebelLion) and other European labels of note, and that along with remixes for some massive names, have seen his following really grow.

Chelonis R. Jones, for those that don't know is an American artist (he paints, he sings, he does pretty much everything) who made the switch from Califronia to Berlin and as well as building a stunning discography on his own has made some great tracks along with Booka Shade, TennisHero and Kris Menace to name a few.

The thing i really like about this track is there is no messing about, it's straight into the action, but leaves room to build. A high pitched synth line offset against a stabbing detuned key sound. I love how there are little glimpses of counter melodies drifting in and out right up to the point jones 80-esq lyrics hit and the track really takes off. There is also a lovely ebb and flow to the track, building in the right places with subtle little key changes and drum fills.

Really beautiful stuff, it came out on the superb Systematic Recordings back in July on the Prison Buffet remixes EP – The Prison Buffet being Jones album. The whole remix Ep is good, but the pezzner rework is the tune for me (as you may have guessed) you can grab it on Beatport here. 

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