21 Dec

Charly Brown – The Twilight Zone

Well seeing as I started the week with a throwback, i'm taking the easy option and sticking with it and going for another classic in Charly Brown – The Twiglight Zone.


The Twiglight Zone is one of those tracks, it landed at a time (1997) when Acid Jazz and similar was just starting to break into new directions and it's funked laced loopy grooves absolutely hit home with the jazz scene crowds as much as it did the Disco/Deep House scene – which kind of makes sense considering one of the duo was a certain Nigel Hayes, who was also parts of Chaser (who delivered the stomping Sides of Iron).


Yeah, so that's about it. it's just a  big looped up funk sample with a solid 4/4 kick snare, open hat pattern over the top, but boy, does it deliver. Perfect for the track heads out there, and the Señor Love Daddy's among you.


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