25 Feb

Chaka Khan – Fate

I keep thinking things are going to get a bit less crazy but it never seems to happen at the moment. Plus, chuck in a really poorly daughter and I have had no time to do anything much let alone check out new music or post to the blog.


Anyway, I have a lovely new track that I am keen to post up, but when today's track came on I felt it had to go up. Fate by Chaka Khan.


Everyone know Chaka Khan and most will know that this is the track Stardust sampled for Music Sounds better with you – a favourite of mine and Aapies and I think he posted up a remix of it. But this is a huge track in its own right, a tremendous piece of late disco. It was sunny as hell this morning when this randomly came on and I have to say I went a bit mad, dancing away with my sunglasses on in the Malta morning sun, I cruised up to work with it blasting out (looking like a proper dad).


The groove is just immense, the bass line is off the scale and as you would expect her vocal is superb. But I love the fact the track really builds and builds and it really kicks after the breakdown. It's one of those tracks that I think it would have been amazing to be in the studio while they recorded it, shouting More MORE MORE, LOUDER LOUDER…MOREEEE BASS. Erm, anyway, enjoy 😍

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