30 Mar Centre

Centre – Center#1

A tough week last week left me pretty destroyed for the weekend, so it was nice to see a message from an old friend pushing a mix tape he'd found by some mysterious artist and thought i'd be interested in (I was):

Center – Center#1

Now, i'll caveat this post by saying I know absolutely sod all about Centre other than what I've heard here but if this mix tape selection is anything to go on there is likely lots more to come from him/her/them.

The tape is straight up bass heavy, starting out slow, and building quickly to some minimal sparse melodic D&B it moves at breakneck pace never allowing the listener to get bored and pushing them on a snare heavy 30 minute listen.

Stand out moments for me are Instant Reflex by Skeptical and Veksd by Protocol but each track is a banger. The really nice thing though is how the tape is mixed, everything clicks together with a producers ear for sounds that compliment each other (which is why i think there is more to come from Centre), and the tracks pull you along in that chilled not chilled way only D&B can evoke. All in all it's a great tape, and really brings home that there is a lot of music we just don't feature enough. 

Center#1 by Centre on Mixcloud

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