11 Apr

Ceiling Demons – Stones

Hip Hop is a very interesting genre, it means a lot of things to lots of different people and it's a style of music everyone has an opinion on. so here's mine. I think Hip Hop in it's truest form is all about expressing yourselves in a way that is uniquely individual, for me that's when it’s at it’s best – like punk it was about expressing yourself, and that individuality is what has really defined all the best Hip Hop. 


I think that's why Hip Hop can represent so many thing's, from Money waving Hip Pop to deeply personal and emotive moving pieces of poetry, which is where the Ceiling Demons come in. 


Regular followers will know the Demons are a group we have long had a connection with, when i say connection i mean their music just appeals to both myself and Fourbearsjr, mainly because it just pushes a genres boundaries in a way that is very different to so much other stuff out there.


Point in case the new project Belly of the Hopeless, a beat tape that's the product of collaboration between the Ceiling Demons and producer Jonathan Swift forthcoming on Frux Tapes. Beat Tapes are nothing new, nor are MC tapes, but this is about as experimental a piece of Hip Hop you're going to find out there, 6 glorious tracks full of grit, soul and atmosphere.


The Tape is out soon and we'll delve into it more then but Stones is the track we're focusing on today, all the usual Demon elements are there, the rhythmically melodic delivery of the vocals, the dark and somber beats, the complex lyrics that carry so much meaning. But lets be clear, though the Demons music and lyrics can feel dark, it's never dark at the expense of delivering hope and  positivity  – you have to listen and look through the grime and sweat, but it's there and it's powerful.  


Stones is an interesting track, a difficult first listen it's mesmeric hypnotic one beat loop and snappy drums bring a genuine sense of panic to the system. It's the kind of beat making that make the hair on your neck stand up, it's film score(ish) in many ways but that film score is a John Carpenter movie and the Lyrics are telling you the plot, offering a cosmic journey into the psyche of the Demons.


It’s an interesting piece of music, and the collaboration between the Demons and Swift works really well, they compliment each other really nicely – seemingly tapping into teach others creative sphere to deliver a track, and beat tape full of anxiety, reflection and self discovery.


Check it out, and as always support!

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