19 Feb

Ceiling Demons – Someone Great

Followers of the blog will be familiar with Ceiling Demons, the Leeds based alternative Hip Hop group. We've featured a few of their tracks, and the videos that accompany them, and their album Dual Sides was one of my personal favourites of last year, and still gets regular rotation on my Mp3 player.

One of the standout tracks for me on the album was Someone Great. It's a perfect example of what's so interesting about the Demons. Eschewing your typical Hip Hop stereo types to make emotional and meaningful beats and rhymes. Yet they never seem to fall into that Hip Hop not Hip Hop category so many artists who start so promising seem to do.

It's been really interesting to follow how the Demons have developed their style, their production and their lyrical content over the last year, and i really struggle to think of anyone delivering as interesting a take on hip hop at the moment. From the more uptempo tracks to the slower there is a real consistency to their work that i find missing in a lot of artists across a bunch of genres.

Anyway, from the slow beat, piano, vocal pads and almost spoken word delivery of the lyrics Someone Great is literally dripping in emotion.

Video has always been an integral part of the complete Demons package, and it's imposisble to talk about a Demons track without mentioning their videos. For an independent group working on what is pbviously a modets budget they manage to keep their videos interesting and Someone Great is no different in that aspect. The track is clearly steeped in the fear and despair of emotional turmoil, and the video reflects this in it's portrayal of what we're lead to believe is the aftermath of the night before (it's never really confirmed though), and whilst you watch there is the impending feeling of the dread that accompanies you when ever you put the pieces back together from a lost moment.

All in all it's a great little release, and best of all it's available as a free download on Soundcloud and the album available at their Bandcamp 

Someone Great by Ceiling Demons

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