24 May

Ceiling Demons – Mendacity

CD'sOccasionaly i get sent stuff which is almost impossible to ignore, and a few months ago i got sent some promo material by the Ceiling Demons, it was a self titled EP and i featured it on our sister blog Interesting Blends. This week i got a new track from them which is have to say i absolutely love.

Ceiling Demons – Mendacity

As i said in my previous post about the Leeds based team, it's been a long time since i've heard some really sick UK hip hop that wasn't desperately trying to be something else. But since then are a few really good acts coming to my attention, and by that i mean breaking out from the close knit community the independent UK hip hop scene is and Demons are firmly in that short list.

As before the production is interesting as opposed to polished, the samples are challenging but emotive and the vocal and beat compliment each other perfectly. The flow of the track is nice, not aggressive but meaningful – god one thing i hate is Mc's who can't rap in their talking voice. It's irritating, so it's nice to hear a nice relaxed rap delivered in such an effortless manner. That's not to say the lyrics are relaxed or there is no passion in the delivery because it’s very heartfelt. Self conscious thought and challenging your perceptions are key to all of the demons lyrics and this is no different.

This time around there is a video to go with the track, and it's a very polished and moving piece provided by James Bird. it captures the mood of the song perfectly with a visually stunning depiction of the balance between beauty and despair.

Anyway, not sure exactly what is happening with the track, it's penciled in as from their forthcoming LP (brilliant!) but i don't know a release date yet, so you'll have to content yourself with the excellent youtube and soundcloud links.

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