21 Dec

Ceiling Demons – Every Step is Moving Me Up

I've featured Ceiling Demons a few times before, and it's no secret i'm a big fan of their positive message based alternative Hip Hop. The fact they  are British as well just add's to the appeal for me. So i was pleased to see that they had released their debut album Dual Sides.

It's a strong album, as you'd expect from the guys. As with all their music there are interesting samples and conscious raps bundled with a little bit of mystery that always accompanies the guys.I have to say though, it's been difficult for me to get past the track – Every Step is moving me up.

it’s a big track for me for a couple of reasons. The first is that I love the delivery, it's just so relaxed and forceful yet not angry and the lyrics have a bit of thought behind them. The second is the fact I love the production on it. The guys always seem to throw genuine curve balls with their sample choices and I was both surprised and chuffed to hear the distinctive voice of Arthur Russel drift up on the opening bars. The sample(s) are from probably my favourite Arthur Russel track "This is how we walk on the moon" – I honestly never thought i'd ear someone sample that in a way that actually worked or made sense, yet here it is.

So yea, it's great, as is the album. You can get it at their Bandcamp site, the album is available as a digital Download and also as limited edition CD, small run of 200 so grab it why you can.  


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