13 Jul

Ceiling Demons – Even If

It's been a tough weekend. What should have been a restful couple of days with the family turned into a stress-athon with sickly family, overflowing workload and then my closest and dearest off to visit family and friends for a week or so, leaving me home alone and such I find myself fending for myself. It's a tough life, but I've been cheering myself up by blasting music at unsafe, and neighbour annoying volumes (don't worry they are not nice neighbours).

One of the tracks that has had repeated listens this weekend is the forthcoming "Even If" from the wonderful Ceiling Demons.

Regular readers will be familiar with the Demons, we've featured them a number of times, and their North Yorkshire brand of alternative Hip Hop is a firm favourite in TWTW Towers, "Every step is moving me up" being one of our favourite tracks of last year, and "Even If" is another lovely journey into the melancholy minds of the Demons.

If you're familiar with the blog, then you'll know that both myself and fourbearsjr are obsessed with melancholy music. I reckon if you do a search on this site pretty much 90% of the posts will have a reference to melancholy, and one of the big attractions for me with the Ceiling Demons is how personal their lyrics are – touching on all manner of subjects “Even If” is a poetic ode to the yearnings of a heart that's moved on, and the echo's of relationships that forever reverberate in our lives.

It's been awhile since the Demons dropped their album, Dual Sides, and it's obvious that they've continued to develop as both people and artists. Even If" is another mellow mid tempo beat courtesy of Beat Demon floats along, with a silky female vocal and the Demonic brothers personal and highly emotive lyrics.

Even if their introspective lyrics subject matter are not always the easiest to deal with, they are often challenging, but always truthful, and it’s lovely stuff.

Out 17th August, support if you can, and also if you get the chance the Demons are playing a few shows over the next month in the UK, the Tram Lines Festival and the Richmond Live Festival

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