13 Jun

Ceiling Demons – Amputated Spirit

There are certain artists we feature again and again, and there is a good reason for that. There music is Awesome, and alternative Hip Hop group Ceiling Demons is one of them. From their first single through their album and subsequent releases we’ve been massive fans.

So we were well pleased when we got notice their new single was coming out this week:

Ceiling Demons – Amputated Spirit

The track opens with a spoken word sample from Scent of a Woman (I think), and it's exactly what you expect from the Demons. Crisp clean Drums that carry a suitably melancholic string melody that's been chopped about subtly in way that constantly changes the melody. All of it complimented with stream of conscious lyrics that toe the line between dark and light without ever leaving you stuck in the middle.

It was always a particular favourite of mine form the album, and because it's the track where i felt you could really here the ability of the MC's shine through – I'd love to hear these boys do a genuine pass the mic session, i think it would be amazing.

Two things I always liked about the Demons is the fact they are just a genuinely lovely bunch of guys with a fantastic work ethic. These guys put in the hours, it's not just a collective that records a track and expects it to do well. every release is a complete package, Video, Art work and so on… you get a Ceiling Demons release and you feel like you really got something. They work really hard to get their music out there and as we all know that can be really difficult even for the mot deserving of artists. So i'm really pleased to see the guys doing so well, touring and building up some seriously strong support..

Anyway, the track is out today and you can grab the album for free for a limited time as well by following this bandcamp linke: http://ceilingdemons.bandcamp.com/album/dual-sides There is also a cracking video below that captures the mood of the track really well.

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