11 Dec

CeCe Rogers – Someday (Club Mix)

Every now and then you have to bust out the classics, and today was one of those days, and i opted for a track that should need almost no introduction.

CeCe Rogers – Someday

This track? Well what can i say, it pretty much sound tracked my late teens, everywhere played it, from wine bars to big clubs, it was everywhere. Produced by Marshal Jefferson it was signed to Atlantic Records and quickly followed by an album which didn't really do much, certainly not for people who'd bought into Someday due to it being  a mainly R'n'B tinged album. He also went on to record a plethora of material with Jestofunk, and has prodced material with jefferson for  awhole host of people but as an artist in his own right nothing has really come close.

Still if you're going to be remembered for one track it may as well be this beauty. I think it's fair to say the piano and vocal have been sampled to death – most notably sped up and looped on Liquids gargantuan Sweet Harmony.

For me it's an almost perfect record, not overly produced, the Korg M1 piano drives it along, with quite a complex chord structure for an early house track, which is why i think it stands out so much. The melody is under cut with a very simple walking bassline, but the real standout is the big soaring vocal, pure gospel, and the uplifting and positive lyrics were perfect for the ecstasy era it dropped in, and regardless of whether you were a drug monkey or not when those piano chords came in you were in rapture, hands in the air, smile on your face…

ah, i have a tears in my eyes just thinking about it.


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