19 Feb

Cazzette – Genius (TJH87 Bootleg)

We started TWTW back in January 2012, and since then we've covered nearly 700 different tracks. For a two man team with families, I don't think that's too bad. We realise we're not the biggest blog in the grand scheme of things but we try to make sure everything we share comes from a personal angle. 


Because of that I've found one of the nicest things about running The Walk To Work is occasionally we end up in a position to be able to build a bit of a relationship with some of the artists and labels we cover. Youth Control have been one of those labels that's shown us as much support as we've tried to show them and because of that we've been lucky enough to able to hear tracks from them that may not have been out there to the wider public, of which one was their remix of Cazzette's "Genius" (below).  


If you've picked up on the TJH 87, Roisto or Youth Control stuff we've featured previously you'll be in familiar territory. Nu-Disco, featuring big Major chord arrangements, a bouncing classic deep house Organ Bass bass line, and wonderful little flourishes and switch up segments that keep the energy flowing throughout the track.


In fact the track is all about energy. It opens with a lovely Electric Piano but gets straight to the action, flowing and building around the original vocal in a low key and melodic way before the Chorus kicks the track into gear with fizzing chords. 


The ebb and flow of the track is really nice, and it's cool to hear a track that doesn't strictly conform to the Verse Chorus Verse formula, introducing breakdowns and vocoder based keyboard solo's (listen they are sat low in the mix) and drum fills tommy lee would be proud of.


Don't get me wrong it's not going redefine musical boundaries or anything, but the production is fantastically polished, the mix down is one of the most well balanced I've heard in a long time – everything fits, nothing clashes and it's ultimately a great piece of Pop-Oriented Disco House, that has the whole family (including my 5 year old son) bobbing around the living room.


It's nice to see TJH87 doing so well, they've been getting a lot of attention after their ETBTG-esq chart topper Into the Night, and it's only right their production work is receiving more and more attention, so do keep an eye out for them, the Genius remix sadly never got a full release (hence the bootleg tag).




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