21 Nov

Cate Le Bon – Are You With Me Now

This morning was pretty manic – rushed to the garage to drop off my car to get it fixed and then ran to the station to catch my train. It was cold and raining. Finally slumped into my seat on the train, plugged in my headphones and hit play on the first thing on my playlist. On came the new Cate Le Bon album and second track in was the tremendous Are You With Me Now.

I have quite liked bits of her previous stuff, but as a friend mentioned to me, her latest album is really, really good – Mug Museum. While much of the album has elements of Nico, the VU (an obvious comparison) and some quite left field moments, today’s track, with its gorgeous, warm bass and drums reminds me of the 70s west coast sound. But then her gorgeous vocal and the lovely treble heavy guitar add something else, culminating in the particularly amazing, catchy chorus. A really fantastic song.

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