21 Sep

Carly Simon – Why

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty much obsessed with this song, and have been since I was a kid.

There are a ton of different reasons, why (ahem!), the fact it's written by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, otherwise known as Chic, the fact the tunes probably the most melancholic track you'll hear this side of an Abba Greatest hits CD, and the fact that it's just a monumentally fantastic disco reggae pop tune.

It's obviously very well know, and despite being released on Chics worst album ever (the OST to the terrible terrible film Soup for One) it did ok when first released as a single, but it really got pushed to classic status with the emergence of Baeleric scene in the 80's. it's well known for being a Hacienda classic, and pretty much every dj i knows has a soft spot for it.

For me it just shows how great Chic were. The Drums are huge, the Bassline is just sublime and the reggae style skank of the guitar is lovely. Simons voice and Chic's lyrics bring out the melancholic side of the track and it is just all held together by the most brain worming chorus ever.

It's genuinely one of my favourite tracks of all time and it would be criminal of me to waste time talking about it when we could all be listening to it. I've plonked up the 12" version, but if I'm honest the 7" version is a great listen as it probably cuts to the point a bit better – however i just love the opening of the 12" version so much i had to include it.


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