07 Jan

C2C – The Beat


The more astute among you may have noticed this is our 1st birthday. we could like other blogs give it the big ‘un but instead we're just going to crack on and post a bloody great bit of music as a little present to ourselves.

C2C – The Beat

I've mentioned C2C before, in my Hocus Pocus post from last year. So i won't dwell on the group too much other than to point out that it's a legendary french Turntablist crew consisting of, 20syl, Dj Greem, Pfel & Atom. They've been about a long time as both a battle crew and individual battle and hip hop Dj's. they've also been consistently producing music both 20syl and Greem as part of Hocus Pocus and Atom and Pfel as Beat Torrent.

The group kind of re-formed, without ever really splitting up, last year to record and release their album Tetra, and it's not an understatement to say it has proved a huge success. 

The album is a heady mix of turntablism, hip hop and electronica due to the various DJ's production chops shining through. Now this, accompanied with the fact they are hardcore scratchers could have lead to a real shambles of an album but they've kind of held back and restrained each other and the result was a very soulful piece where the scratching add's little flourishes here and there rather than being the focal point on most tracks.

For most people the stand out track has been "Down the Road" a bluesy chop up but my favourite track on the Album is this: The Beat.

I always think there is a tendency to dwell to much on scratching when it is used as a source of music, and while scratching is there in abundance but it's done so subtlety you'll be hard pushed to notice it, the drums, the sample hook, the Vocal sentences… the whole thing is scratched, but like i said you'll barely notice it. Overall the track is just balls out fun, is about as hip hop as it gets and puts a huge huge smile on my face. 

The album's been around a few months now, and as i said it's done very well at least here in France, there is some lovely footage of their live shows on youtube etc…which you should really check out – where they are combining what I think is most likely Serato Scratch live with some front panels and commissioned artwork to really blend scratch dj'ing and visual performance – and it's works so so well. It's also nice to see Dj's that are not scared to come out and perform rather than just mooch behind their equipment. So like i said track it down if you can and enjoy:

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