28 Apr

Burning God Little – Sorry for i går (ft. Bendik)

So i've been off on a bit of a break, visiting family and spending some (hopefully) quality time with my little boy. For the most part I pretty much switched off from music, but in among the trips to the London Science Museum and Golden Union fish and chip shop i noticed today’s choice land in my inbox and crossed my fingers fourbears wouldn't beat me to the punch.

I was pretty wiped out this morning, just got back last night and i really wasn't in the mood for messing about with difficult music, i wanted stuff that was easy to listen to but that would capture my attention enough to help me forget i was off to work, and I decided to opt for the Move D and Benjamin Brunn – Songs from the Beehive LP, then just as i was about to hit play I realised there was some new music i'd not listened to properly and the first track was today’s choice:

Burning God Little – Sorry for i går

Don't really know much about the project, other than it's an alias for Norwegien producer Marten Hartgen. The track in itself is a lush slice of chillwave style pop. Retro sounds, and melancholy, uhm, melodies and vocals that even though you may not know exactly what's being sung makes you soar. The vocals remind me a lot of Annie, and the production very much on the poppier end of artists like Hail Social, Classix and Holy Ghost.

It's lovely, and it's well worth scanning through the back catalogue of work on soundcloud, a particular favourite is Mer Medisin which brings me neatly back to the comparisions above.

All in all great stuff, search it out.

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