08 Jan

Brynjolfur – I Love You

Like Fourbears Jr i'm going to dip into last year and post one of my favourite tracks of 2013, one that i'd never gotten around to posting before:

Brynjolfur – I Love You

Eskimo Recordings has long been a favourite label of mine, consitently releasing Nu-disco (god i hate that term) that happily stands astride the slightly cheesy and the uber cool deep. They've been behind some big names, Aeroplane, and Satin jackets and last year they started getting stuff out by some really good breakthrough artisits like Londons Blende and Danish Brynjolfur who i'm obviously featuring here. Well I guess Brynjolfur has been around for a few years, but i really think I Love You was a break through track for him.

It's essentially a ncie mid-tempo stomping Electro Disco track, with a catchy bouncing bassline, melodic arp's, FM bells and deeply reverbed vocals and stabbed chords. It's one of those tracks you just know was tearing it up iver the summmer.

Anyway, it came out back in July, and rightly got massive support form the Disco scene, Dj Harvey, diskjokke and a ton of other big name dj's. There are a couple of nice remixes as well, A Copycat & Martin Brodin Remix is a particular stand out, but the original still swings it for me. In fact about the only bad thing is the fact that Eskimo went for the sterotypical cheesy saucy girl video… i kind of expected more, but anyway I love it the track.

So check it out.

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