05 Oct

Brenda Russell- A little Bit of Love

Things have been hectic around here and i haven't had much time to get on and blog about music, so i'm going to have to make a real quick post today, and draw on an absolute blast from the past with todays choice.


If you don't know Brenda Russell is a singer songwriter, with writing credits for Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and a bunch of other people too numerous to mention.


A little bit of Love is a track you may not have heard before (though chances are you will) but you will most certainly know as it's been sampled to death notably in the Big Pun's – Still Not a Player.


The opening piano is gorgeous and the track is slow and mellow and beautifully soulful in a way that has you humming along in seconds with the reggae tinged vocal.


Anyway, it's one of those you'll do better listening to instead of reading about. Enjoy…



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