20 Jun

Brasstronaut – Hawk

So I'm getting back in to the swing of things and have a bit more time to check some music out and post too. I'm way behind in terms of putting up stuff I'm listening to on the way to work. The list of tracks on my Spotify playlist is getting longer and longer, far longer than my commute. Schools in Malta are starting to shut down for the summer so traffic is getting better. So i stick the playlist to shuffle and i get through a few tracks before i pull in to the work car park. Tonight's track sounded so awesome this morning as i cruised to work in the bright sunshine.


Canadian band Brasstronaut have been a round a while (c2007 i believe) and i have dipped in and out of their stuff. I like their blend of Jazz, indie Funk Pop. Tonight's track, Hawk, i believe was a single in 2016 and is on their latest album. It's hypnotic funky stuff, kind or reminding me of early Phoenix. It starts with a fantastic guitar riff and bass line, the latter which builds and builds until the beat and vocal kicks in and then the track just starts rolling along beautifully with them bringing elements of percussion, guitar and synths in and out. Man its infectious stuff and when it kicks back in with the some beautiful brass, the bass line and vocals right at the end…my my….awesome.

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