26 Mar

Brand Nubian – Brand Nu Hustle





When it comes down to it Hip Hop when done well is a pretty simple music form. That’s not to say it’s easy and People can make it very complicated. But for me the best stuff is nearly always just a looped break and a great MC enjoying himself over the top, it's pretty much how it started and that for me has never really been surpassed. The track I chose today is just that, except it's three great MC's in Grand Puba, Lord Jamal and Sadat X, who along with DJ Alamo and DJ sincere form the legendary Brand Nubian.

From their 2007 album "Times Runnin' Out", which although released in 2007 is actually unreleased material from their 1997-1998 period just after Puba rejoined the group, so around the same time they were recording Foundation. Also unlike the Foundation LP most production is handled in house by the Nubians themselves and i think this leads to a sound that is familiar to them.

Basically "Brand Nu Hustle" is a looped groove with the three MC's passing the mic one after the other. No chorus, not chat, no break in the flow. Just rapping from the start to the finish over a funky disco(ish) loop. I think it's a great example of why Brand Nubian were so well loved when they were around, great punch lines, and simple but precise flows, they were all able to bounce off each other so well.

check it out,


Playlist Monday 26th March 2012

It's a glorious day, and a simple playlist was called for today, I started it off with The Walk to Work podcast, and followed that up with some KRS One and Criminal Minded, I can find KRS a bit of a handful sometimes so i needed some straight up skills and jumped to Brand Nubian and Brand New Hustle, Rockin it & Once Again. Once done i was near work and caught some old skool fresstyle with Shannon – Let the Music play.


Playlist: The Walk to Work Plodcast, Boogie Down Productions – Criminal Minded, Brand Nubian – Brand New Hustle, Brand Nubian – Rockin it, Brand Nubian – One Again, Shannon – let the Music Play

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