19 May

Brad Shit – Casbah Breakdown

People who read the blog will know that i'm literally obsessed with The Clash, and in particular Rock The Casbah and all it's various incarnations and versions. A few months ago I featured the dub from the 12 inch, Mustapha Dance…. (edit: just checked and it was two tears ago… Woah, has it been that long?).

anyway the long and short of it is as I was skipping through I stumbled back on the Brad Shit re-edit of Rock The Casbah, and on checking soundcloud I realised it was available for download so decided to almost re-blog it:

Brad Shit – Casbah Breakdown

Brad Shit! what a great name, and if you didn't know it's actually Joey Negro aka Dave Lee super disco house producer supreme, and the track is part of a series of re-edits he put out under different alias such as Brian Maiden (yes, yes, very clever…)

As re-edits go it's pretty cheesy and very tongue in cheek, bit of extra sax, loads of cowbell and a combination of the vocal and Mustapha Dance versions with tons of Space Delay and load of other effects.

There isn't really much else to say other than it's been pretty hard to get hold of so grab it now whilst you can…

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