18 Jul

Bonobo – Kong

Aapie is away this week on a well deserved holiday, so you are stuck with me holding the fort. Tonight is going to be a short one but a good one.  Now, some of my posts recently, have been a little bit out there so today I have gone for something that is a bit more straight ahead.

The style of beat driven, jazzy electronica on the Bonobo album Black Sands (which today’s track is from, is a genre well represented and plenty of it falls into the not too interesting. But when it is good, it is really good. Stuff by people like RJD2 and other artists (many who release via the classic Ninja Tune Label who released this) has a little bit more and I would say RJD2 is a good comparison when trying to explain today’s track ‘Kong’ although the rest of the album stretches out a bit further into jazz and broken beat.

Black Sands, dates back to 2010, but it has just been used on a Channel 4 advert for the Paralympics. It came on the other day and me and the wife both commented on what a great track it was and how it had been put to good use. Was chuffed when it came on randomly today – It is so solid, crisp and so full of funk that you can not ignore it – when you turn it right up you instantly think you can body pop and start doing crazy moves – head nodding is essential and inevitable. Phenomenal track – give it a go. Pick up the album too, it is a great listen.


Playlist: Wednesday 18th July 2012

Today was a journey down to London. Had plenty of work to do on the train but I was determined to listen to some music. I have some on my work laptop, so after I booted it up I just hit play. What should be the first thing to come on but the above track. When I got the album back in 2010 I played it to death but hadn’t rolled it out for a while. The advert had got me thinking about it again and then the radomn luck of the draw sealed the deal. I listened to the whole album and it reminded me of how good it is. Put me in a good mood when I hit London, I bumped into a friend and the music stopped…till I headed home.

Playlist: Bonobo – Black Sands (album).

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