02 Sep

Bonnie Lou – The Tennessee Wig Walk

Bit of an odd one tonight. On the BBC they have been celebrating what would have been John Peel’s 75th birthday. So I wanted to use today’s post as a little tribute.

I was a big fan of Peel and listened to his show a lot in my University years and beyond. Obviously, these were the days before podcasts so I never caught as much as I liked. But I would class him as one of the few ‘heroes’ if you like, that I have ever had. His love for music, for different music, not caring about trends and generally being a nice bloke always endeared him to me.

He often gets remembered for the bands he championed and more often than not for the odd things he played, from Napalm Death to the Chivean Ranters grass band (a personal favourite of mine). But what is not always mentioned is his quality control, he rarely picked duff stuff and when he looked backwards he found gems like today’s track:

The Tennessee Wig Walk by Bonnie Lou.

There are tons of country standards like this, but I remember him saying he dug this out as he thought it still sounded great. He wasn’t wrong – the melody, the vocal, the Clomp stomp, are irresistible. Give it a try and thanks Mr Peel.

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