27 May bodymoves

Bodymoves – North Spaulding EP

One of the most consistent and interesting labels over the last few years has been the wonderful London based collective of Keep Up!, and Monday saw the release of their 17th EP (has it really been that many?) and after sojourns into bass and house it's an EP that returns to the labels beat scene roots with

Bodymoves – North Spaulding EP

Understandably the EP has earned comparisons to the LA beat scene especially artists like Madlib and JDilla, but I honestly feel that under sells the EP somewhat.

That's not to say there isn't, and with it's heavily swung drums it's certainly deeply rooted in that scene for influence, but…… there is a hell of a lot of London in there, the afro beat of Gabors house is as much a head check to the synth lead London bass scene as it is any LA based producer. While the more straight ahead Soulful Hip Hop of Mellow Cotton and What Cha Gonna do? owes as much to Thes Ones Lifestyle Marketing LP than any Fly Lo beat.

Ultimately though comparisons aside it's just a lovely piece of stand alone hip hop/beat led music that will have your head rocking front to back on every clang of those uber compressed drums, and I've got to say it's also just really nice to hear a strong sample based beat dug slice of hip hop (check those vinyl noises) in this day and age of massive presets and comb filtered super saws.

Stand out tracks? Certainly the Soulful sampldelica of Mellow Cotton and What Cha Gonna Do? but amazingly in a four track EP they've pretty much nailed something for everyone. It's available via Bandcamp, itunes and a few other places, grab it whilst you can, it might just be your favourite EP of the year.

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