18 Sep

Bobby Womack – I Feel A Groove Comin On

If you caught the Mateo & Matos post last Wednesday you'll be somewhat familiar with todays choice:

Bobby Womack – I Feel A Groove Comin On

Why? because it's the track they sampled and chopped up for their gargantuan groove.

Now Bobby Womack isn’t someone i normally associate with uptempo disco tracks, but for certain he's had his moments and by Jove this is one of them. It's huge.

130bpm, and is basically a chant to letting loose on the dance floor, the lyrics are simple the beat is fast, the bass line is a walking swinging affair and the strings and wah wah guitar just float along in the most dreamy of manners. There are soundbites galore all over it and then the piano comes in, and it's all over the place, discordant and overpowering it reminds me somewhat of Jorge Daltos piano solo on Airto’s – Samba de Flora – if not as lengthy.

Anyway, listening to the Mateo & Matos version took me back to this, and sometimes you just need a massive slice of Boogie in yer lugholes. Soul Clap anyone?


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