23 May

Bob James – Angela (Theme from Taxi)

It's been a shocker of a week, loads of travelling and not much time spent with my family meant a very weary little Aapie headed off to work this morning and i just decided to let fate do it's thing. Not selecting a playlist of any specific style or artist I just pressed shuffle and left it to do it's thing, and after about 30 minutes of the most random of music it threw up a track that took me back to Fourbearsjr and my childhood sat watching our dads favourite tv program Taxi:

Bob James –  Angela (Theme from Taxi)

There is a wonderful little story about how the track became the theme tune, it was originally written about a female bit part from an early episode of the series, but when producers heard the track they made it the theme tune. It's a great little story, and fits perfectly well with the music, as does the music with the program (if you've never seen it search out some episodes it's a great little piece of TV comedy).

It's a very emotive track, with some simply wonderful playing from James, it's a pretty difficult piece to play, with super long phrasing on the melody and counter bass line and chords all combining to make it a track that mkes many many people attempt it. (just search for tutorials).

I won't natter too long as it's just a wonderful piece of fusion that doens't really need that much discussion. The track is probably James most recognisable, taken from his 1978 album Touchdown on his own label Tappan Zee Records. 

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