11 Nov

Bly De Blyant – Laura

Really, really quick one tonight, as, you know, I’ve got stuff to do. Anyway, worked from home today so no commute, but decided I would put up something I listened to while working.

After dropping my son off at school, I settled into my usual routine of working and playing through the huge back log of stuff I haven’t had a chance to check out, which brought me to today’s track..

Laura by Boy De Blyant.

An international trio led by Øyvind Skarbø from Denmark, they are described as genre smashing. Many people claim to be this but these guys are. Jazz oriented, they take on everything. I missed their first album but am getting into their second Hindsight Bias and today’s track jumped out straight away. It’s pretty much a slice of slo-mo disco house. Centred around a gorgeous bass and guitar groove. It rises and falls but locks you in and underneath you can hear some strange almost banjo like strumming which is a touch disorientating. What a track.



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