15 May

Blue Boy – So Lonely

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes of The Walk to Work, so posts have not been the most regular, but we always said we wanted to focus on quality over quantity and rather than just posting for the sake of posting we've just made sure we posted when something awesome came up, hence today i'm posting the insanely good:

Blue Boy – So Lonely

I reckon pretty much everyone over the age of 25 knows Blue Boys seminal track “Remember Me”, it was quite frankly huge – and rightly so, but tucked away on the rest of the EP were three equally superb tracks that just never quite got the recognition. The Acid Wig out of Clickwork 91, the Marvin Gaye sampling Funky Friday and So Lonely.

Now, in the scheme of things the track is about as basic as tracks get. A huge unmissable sample from Roy Ayers’s “Freaky Deaky” provides the backbone of the track, with a stomping layered beast of a drum track. But it's the less obvious key and vocal sample from So Lonely by Gino Soccio that really brings the track through what would have been a mediocre DJ tool to a full on Dance floor breaking classic, it's Deep House, but not as you probably know it.

It came out in 1996, originally on the mighty Guidance Records who might just be one of the best labels to ever grace the music scene, but you can still get it on any number of compilations and all the music sites, so if you like it grab it.

Aaaaand on that note I'll let you listen.

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