06 Jul

Blind Mice – Winter Solo

I've featured a few tracks from various EP’s on the wonderful Cut Records over the last few weeks, and I'm going to feature another today in Blind Mice's – Winter Solo, from their Harbour EP.

Cut Records are doing some really interesting things lately, as mentioned before there is their subscription process where you pay 2 a month and get complete access to their entire catalogue, but a subscription service is only good value for money if the music stands up. Thankfully they seem to have that part covered and the catalogue drifts from down tempo Electronica to Tech House and deep experimental Drum and Bass with most of the output covering multiple genres.

Blind Mice's – Harbour EP is very much in keeping with the rest of Cut Records output: challenging, yet melodic and with fantastic production values.

One of the things i like about their output is how ambient the music feels. I don't mean ambient in the musical genre, sense but in the sense it feels natural and at peace with whatever surroundings it's played in (if that makes any kind of sense).

The EP starts out with the vocal track “Meitiene featuring Velour Modular”, but quickly gathers pace over the course of "Slipped Disk" and the title track "Harbour". But it's Winter Solo that really catches my attention.Big reverb washed stabs and gentle paced synth melodies and counter melodies, soft double time drums that switch up energy wise when the filtered Amen break slams in. It's beautiful work.

You can buy as a one off release on Bandcamp (below), or better still you can head over to Cut Records and subscribe to their monthly plan that not only gets you access to their entire back catalogue and a new release each month, the subscription gives the label the invaluable cash flow to maintain it's quality output.

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