07 May

BlackJoy – La Stache


oooh we have a bit of a beauty for you today. Like Aapie, i have finally got myself sorted and started working my way through my vinyl and converting some to mp3. It is frightening what little gems have been left on the shelf because i have been too lazy to hook up my deck and then sort out transferring them across.


So the first thing i did was the usual (rather sad git) job of sorting my records into genre and in doing so i came across this disco house stormer. Jerome Caron aka: BlackJoy was part of the French Touch house movement that Aapie has mentioned before and the thing is, i think this was one of the last things i bought on vinyl before i packed away my decks and really started making the move to digital buying and so it has somehow slipped my mind until now…criminal.


Anyway, I picked the track up on the Art of Disco label and the 12” is made up of two great tracks 1) Moustache and 2) La Stache and i have gone for the latter. While i did create an MP3 You can pick La Stache up on Beatport along with plenty of other BlackJoy stuff and i have actually linked to a post on YouTube, by a kind soul who has been far more driven than me and has put a copy up.

The track..simply, is disco house at its best in my opinion. Based on amazing groove it just builds and builds. When the main bass line kicks in at 1 minute you know you are in for something special and then the rhodes keys come in and oh my lord….even the outro is amazing. Check it out and see, but clear an area for a boogie before you do..


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