27 Mar

Black Vel – Bodytalk EP

It has been one hell of a week and I was utterly shattered when I left this morning for work. So i needed some quite up beat and catchy music, and i decided to just leave shuffle to do it's work.

It's mainly recent music on my Nexus right now, the Satori LP i blogged earlier in the week, The forthcoming Lenient Tales compilation, the Revenge's new LP (more to come on that) but I decided to go for today’s choice for two reasons, the first is that i think it's quite different to anything we normally blog – minimal and driving, and the second because it's been stuck in my head all bloody day:

Black Vel – Bodytalk

​I don't know much about Black Vel, or Mangue Records for that matter but delving back through their catalogue i see they've worked with some names i'm really keen on lately, Jonas Woehl and Fabien Schumann for example, and seeing a Woehl remix on the EP i full expected that to be my preferred track.

It isn't though and the original Black Vel verison is the one that does it for me, The whole sound is pounding dancefloor mayhem but there is so much more depth to it than just a big drum and bass line… a minimal rhythm drives the track along with a pitch shifted vocal adding the counterpoint but the really nice thing about he track is how it gradually introduces the melodic element of it slowly and methodically over the course of the track, an 80's Electro bass line here, and a synth line there that really don't show you where it's going till they all come back in together. 

great stuff

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