08 May

Black Science Orchestra – New Jesery Deep






So it is a strange start to the week. Bank Holiday in the UK and Aapie is taking on house moving duties, so, the fist post of the week is today’s. And today I worked from home and so no commute = a freebie. But what to choose? Today has been one of those peculiar ones where I just couldn’t seem to settle on any thing. Nothing was springing to mind. Then I remembered an email conversation with my friend Anthony (he of DJ T fame) and decided to go for his recommendation of a possible track to cover on the blog. The great thing is I also know that this is one of Aapie’s favourite tracks as it was he who played it to me when it first came out back in 1994. The track is New Jersey Deep by Black Science Orchestra.

This is one of the times where it’s best if I let the track do most of the talking. Most people know the classic label Junior Boys Own, Black Science Orchestra and the main man behind it Ashley Beedle. Over time he has put out so much quality work, but this is at the top of the tree. I have great memories of seeing him play in the back room of Basics in Leeds, where the aforementioned friend and I lost it a bit when he dropped this and other tracks like Patrice Rushen – ‘Haven’t You Heard’ (which provided the main chunk of another disco house classic, Daddy’s Favourite – ‘I feel Good Things For You’). Most also know that this track is built on samples from the awesome Wood, Brass & Steel’s ‘Funkanova. I must have heard this track thousands of times and I still get goose bumps when the main break with that awesome guitar drops in at about 23 seconds…..”Yeah, BLACK SCIENCE GOT IT GOING ON”. Phil Nomenal


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