28 Dec

Birdee – I Want You (Disco Despair Instrumental Remix)

Hope you've all had a great Christmas, I certainly did. I'm going to close out the year with a track that's brings two of our favourite artists of the year together on one of our favourite Labels with Birdee – I Want You (Disco Despair Instrumental Remix).


the more astute among you will know we've long been fans of Disco Despair, and his happy vibe disco house, and he's taken Birdees lovely I want you, stripped out the vocals and turned in a wonderfully energetic choppy French Touch style Christmas cracker (sorry).


Anyway, it's all detuned synths and choppy bass joyfulness, the melody stuttering and bouncing along on the 4/4 drum and ok it's not ground breaking stuff but it's massively smile inducing and faultless in its quality.


Out next week on Youth Control, i think you'll do well to find a better start to the New Year than this.


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