09 Nov

Birdee – Hold On

I've not been able to post for a fair while due to travelling with work, flying is a complete pain in the balls, but it does give me a chance to listen to music and this week my various treks across the globe have been sound tracked by the New Youth Control EP, Birdee – Three Sides of Love.


It's an interesting EP, I guess in some ways Birdee's EP is a bit of departure from the previous sounds of Youth Control. There is certainly big happy strings and synth driven Disco-tinged house in "I want you", but "Can't fight the Feeling" is all bouncy slap-style synth bass and rotational lyrics, and "Hold On" my choice from the EP, is absolutely not like anything I recall hearing on the label before.


Yeah, of course there are elements that are present across all tracks, but (and i'm going to make an unfair comparison here) Hold on is much more French Touch in sound than music I've heard from YC's artists previously.


That's good, it's an EP with a little bit of everything big Dancefloor blistering chords(Hold On) easy listening late/early/poolside sets (the other two) but it importantly showcases Birdees brilliant chameleon like production chops as he turns in best in class style production and melodies across three various genres of house.


It's a great EP, and certainly worth tracking down. It's also Blog favourite Youth Controls 13th release (13!??? really has it been that many), a seminal landmark for a great label that we and people who read the blog have loved form the start.


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