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Billie Holiday – Love for Sale (Jean du Voyage Remix)

Going to stick with the remix/re-edit tip here and go with this wonderful re-rub of Billie Holiday – Love for Sale

Billie Holiday – Love for Sale (Jean du Voyage Remix)

Deep House and jazz have long been lustful bed partners, especially when it comes to female singers like Nina Simone and Holiday. Songstress – See Line Woman being the perfect case in point. So, it's no surprise to see Love for Sale get a re-work.

The crux of it though is it's an absolutely brilliant remix, by super duper French beatmaker and turntablist Jean du Voyage. Voyage has been dabbling in Electronica for a few years jumping across it's many genres – in many ways his work reminds me of early Om Unit and some of the Harmonic 33 stuff on Alphabet Zoo. He's taken the opening piano riff, and the open vocal bar and just chopped it up, with the odd vinyl scratches here and their (those little vocals cuts are so tight they almost sound like samples) ll locked together over a skipping light 4/4 house beat. It works so well that you just have to wonder why it hasn't been picked up and given an official release.

Not to worry though it's on his Bandcamp site for free download, and you should because it's lovely.

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