04 Apr

Bill Withers – You got the stuff

bill_withersBill Withers, what an artist. Definetly up theer with one of my all time favourite soul artists, alongside Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, and this track is a little known belter by the man:

Bill Withers – You got the stuff

At a guess I reckon if you ask most people about Mr Withers they'll know a couple of tracks, probably "Just the Two of Us" which was actually a Grover Washington Jr track featuring Bill Withers, "Ain't no Sunhine", "Lovely Day" and possibly "Grand Ma's Hands" due to it being sampled on Blackstreets "No Diggety". All amazing songs but the common factor in all these tracks are they are pretty laid back and mellow, and all but Lovely Day are from the very early stages of his recording career.

Few people would pluck “You got the Stuff” from his 1978 album "'Bout Love" but it's an absoloute storming track. Complete and utter raw funk. Big swinging drums, huge bass and an almost chanted vocal style which is very different to Withers vocals from the above tracks (though his relaxed mellow musings do make an apperance).

Anyway, it's a great track with a real bounce to it, was massive in the Disco clubs back in the late 70's early 80's, and is a track I love very much – it got reworked by The Revenge (great) and DJ Harvey as Black Cock (utter shit), but the original still does it for me every time.

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