21 Apr

Big Star – September Gurls

I haven’t posted anything for a while as I was away all last week and things are still pretty hectic so I’m going to post a quick one tonight. But in my opinion it’s one of the greatest tracks ever and it came on this morning as I drove to work.

I got into Big Star years ago when I was about 16 and heard they were a big influence on Teenage Fanclub, another favourite band of mine. I still remember coming across this classic track and sitting their open jawed as I listened to it thinking it was one of the most amazing things I had ever heard.

It’s a brilliant pop song but the thing that just takes to a different level is the vocals, harmonies, drumming and the guitar. Oh, that guitar. It is possibly my favourite guitar sound of all time and combined with that riff it just kills me every time. When that solo comes in after the break down and then the riff at about 2.18 it has me close to tears. 24 years on it still had the same effect. 2 minutes 46 of pure gold. Amazing.

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