29 Feb

Big Mister Doom – Receipts

Back in the mid-00's it was almost impossible to avoid the glitch heavy sound of artists like ediT/Glitch Mob, Prefuse73, Chocolate Industries and artists of a similar ilk.


That Glitchy beat heavy was a real meeting point for so many genres; Hip Hop because of the beats and so often cuts and vocal samples, Electronica and House because of the mood and sound set as well as the more experimental listeners due to the glitches and heavy processing. Labels Like Warp and Ninjatune embraced it, and despite it never really having a dedicated club scene outside of LA it was a genre that had a foothold everywhere, and even though most of the artists have moved onto other projects now, (and that's a good thing), it's a sound that stays with me and always catches my attention when done well.


Todays choice is one of those moments. A new(ish) release on the mighty Cut Records Big Mister Dooms Fielden Avenue EP is a standout for me in the last couple of months.


The EP is great, CB is an absolutely stunning track, but i'm going to pull out Receipts, mainly because it encapsulates everything i described above – warm electronica with a hip hop tempo beat and beautiful little flourishes of effects that continually mutate the sounds you're hearing turning a piano/keyboard into a percussive element or a glitched drum into a melodic counterpoint.


It's actually my first encounter with Big Mister Doom, but checking trough their soundcloud there is a ton of excellent stuff there, and as always do check out the rest of Cut's releases.



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