14 Feb

Bicep – The Game (Catz ‘N Dogz Interpretation)

We've changed things around here a little bit, not in look but in how we approach the blog, daily has just become unsustainable with our day to day real world commitments so we've decided to scale back and make sure we post amazing music when we find it/want to, as such you may not see a post for a couple fo days but when you do it should hopefully be something you'll dig even more.


I guess all killer no filler is appropriate, if a little cheesy, but hey what do you want?


Anyway today I'm featuring the Catz 'N Dogz re-edit of The Game by Bicep.


I always find these kind of re-works interesting, partly because I've dabbled in the re-edit world myself and I love hearing what people do with great tracks, but also because I find it fascinating how people take something and transform it into their own production.


This is a great example of that. The Game is a pretty mellow downtempo (feeling) track, but Catz 'N Dogz have taken it,injected Electro straight into the veins and popped out a banging melodic club track. Pounding Drums with lovely crashing 808 snares and claps, a walking melody and then in among all that are samples and glimpses of  the original track. 


I don't think it's an overstatment to say it's as far from the original track as an edit can be whilst still being an edit, but that's not a bad thing and I guess why it's pushed as an interpretation instead of a re-edit or remix.


Either way it's a wonderful piece of music.



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