14 Nov

Beyond There – The Positive Step

Aaaaahhh! well now, this is an outstanding choice, even if do say so myself, and I know for a fact Fourbearsjr is up rocking around his kitchen as i type:

Beyond There – The Positive Step

If you haven't heard of Dave Pauls Bomb Hip Hop record label then for shame. "Their the Return of the DJ" series was quite possibly responsible for single handedly resurrecting the hip hop dj, 7 albums deep it was a must have for anyone into hip hop not just turntablism, 7 albums balancing balls out scratch attacks with classic DJ tracks like The Positive Step, it was an essential collection to have and for me the second album was the best one…

Beyond There's Positive step was one the tracks that first drew to the series, it's essentially a cut and paste history of hip hop put together by Huw and DJ Kam from Londons seminal Mr Bongo records.It's a smooth jazz groove based track overlayed with KRS One the The South Bronx laying down a history of hip hop in sonic form…. ah you know what it's too hard to break this track down into words, it's just brilliant.

Even better news is that the entire collection has been made available by Bomb to down load for free from here: DOWNLOAD

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