18 Oct

Benoit & Sergio – Not in Your Nature

I had a day off today. my family got back after a week away and i decided to spend some quality time with them, so I am taking a freebie.

Now I'll be honest I've been itching to blog this for a few days now, as i honestly don't think it's an understatement to say I absolutely love it, it is Benoit & Sergio – Not in Your Nature.

I've featured a track by Benoit & Sergio before, Everybody on DFA, but they've jumped over to the excellent, and somewhat legendary, Visionquest label to deliver the New Ships Ep from which I've taken this track. Now if the mark of a great artists is recognition by your peers then Benoit & Sergio have that in spades. Visionquest if you don't know is pretty much a who's who of deep house, run by Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves, Lee Curtiss and Ryan Crosson, all names that if you've been reading this blog you'll probably be familiar with, they chose to launch the label with a Benoit & Sergio EP – the club smash where the freaks have no name.

It's taken  a year and a half but they've come full circle and revisit the Washington based duo for this EP. Not in your Nature is a far more dreamy affair then Everybody and Where the freaks, very much footed in the late 80's sound, it could have walked straight out of the soundtrack to drive, except it's blended the modern production sound with the dreamy gated synths of Chromatics and co. But the thing that really smashes this track into next week is the lush washed out vocals.

Ah, seriously I've been listening to this track all day, inflicting it on my wife and nipper who've both conceded and spent the last hour dancing around the living room to it… if you like it then you should know that it dropped last week on Beatport, and should be coming on other download sites soon.

NB: youtube seems to be sucking so i’ve embedded the track on the mixmag soundcloud page:


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