17 Feb

Benoit & Sergio – Everybody





Philly is a tough track to follow, and I sadly don’t have any legendary stories to go with my choice for today. The one thing I will say is it makes me grin from ear to ear every single time I listen to it, and it even makes my 19 month old son strut around the living room like he was the long lost son of Mick Jagger. I wont lie, i sometimes join him.

It is "Benoit & Sergio – Everybody".

Death From Above is an odd label in my opinion. Without question they have released some of the most inspirational music in the last decade, and not just in the realms of dance music. Obviously LCD Soundsystem is the most obvious artist on their roster, but then you’ve also got The Rapture, Sh*t Robot, The Juan Mclean, Woolfy, Mock & Toof…. Christ, I could be here all day if I listed them all, especially if I started including the insanely good remix work that has gone on under the DFA banner as well.
The problem is it’s also one of those labels that for me often hits wide of the mark and because of that reason I shy away from checking everything that comes out on it. So, for a long time I was completely oblivious to the magnificent Benoit & Sergio – Everybody, which was released last June on DFA’s Death from Abroad imprint.

As with most of my favourite DFA stuff, it toes the line between being unbelievably cheesey (yes even LCD SS) and genius, it could sit happily on a big club system or make you drum your fingers on the Paris Metro – well, I do. Even though they hail from DC it’s pure out Italo synth pop, and just fantastic party style music. The Drums are light the synths mellow, bass line walks nicely and the arpeggiated M1 Piano is just awesome. Chuck on top of that the dreamily breathed vocal and i defy you to not want to dance a little to this, especially when the drop hits.

Whatever it is it works, and will probably weave its way into your brain as it did mine. I picked it up in December last year, or should I say downloaded it and caned it repeatedly for about two weeks until I was almost sick of it. But it was whilst skimming through some DJ charts on Juno and Beatport where it was listed, I thought “ooh I like that track”, and loaded it on my player along with a stack of new music I’d recently bought and had intended to blog. But then sat on the Metro it came on and I ended up listening to it about three times in a row.

Give it a listen and grab it if you like it, and while I’m on the subject track down their insanely good mixtape for XLR8R:in fact here it is.

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Playlist 17th February 2012

I have an e-music subscription that tends to see me doing a mass of downloads all at the same time, so last weekend I picked up a stack of new music that I’d been intending to listen to for a few days. Finally getting around to changing the music on my player I chucked it all on along with some other stuff I thought I may be in the mood for.

So I obviously started my journey with one of the newer tracks in my collection, 78 Edits – Been a long time, a take on Body Fusion that whilst not quite up to the 6th Boroughs “Slow Down” is still fantastic, and full kudos to the chaps for a cracking track. As there isn’t a huge amount of music on their right now I let shuffle do its job and skipped from those inspirational strings to, John Tejada Remix of Soy Mustafa – Return Of The Anunnaki, then what I think is the best track off the Art Department Album in Vampire Nightclub. Then the above mentioned Benoit and Sergio track dropped and everything else was history, finally letting the playlist move on I listened to the Lifetime EP from Pelifics which brought me nicely up to the entrance of work, for what turned out to be a bastard of a day. Such is life.

Playlist: 78 Edits- Been a Long Time, Soy Mustafa – Return Of The Anunnaki (John Tejada Remix), Art Department – Vampire Nightclub feat Soulclap, Benoit & Sergio – Everybody, Pelifics – I wish it could last, Pelifics – Can't Promise Anything, Pelifics – Magic

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