07 Mar

Benedek & Noble – Airwayz

As someone who's not bought a lot of vinyl over the last few years it's kind of rare for me to pick up things, I'll normally wait until they get a digital release or go without but there has been a genuine resurgence in great house music on vinyl.


I guess it's not surprising as today's choice is a released (unofficially) on Superior Elevation, the in House label (unofficially of course) of the New York Record shop of the same name.


The EP's been floating around for a while, and causing quite a stir in the disco house scene as it's essentially two slices of pure 80's up tempo boogie soul. There are so many comparisons there are almost too many to name, but the proto-house dance music of bands like Change, D-train and Fatback Band all spring to mind – sans vocals of course, but it's a simple fact both have smile inducing melodies, and importantly both have utterly arse shaking bouncing bass lines (plus Airwayz has the most awesome disco "ooohherrs" you'll hear this year).


It's not been a good few days, so I really needed something to pick me up – enter today's choice to put a soul step in my walk. 


the EP's been floating around for a bit, but as it's vinyl only it's tough to get – you can order it from Superior Elevation, or on Discogs where it's already changing hands for silly money


Understandable, because it's great, great stuff.



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