28 Jan

Ben Macklin & Yota – Controller (Cassette Club Night Remix)

cassette-clubBeach/Tropical/Lounge House call it what you want but I've always been a fan of laid back summery feeling tracks. Don't get me wrong I love a heavy deep and dark groover as much as the next man but sometimes I just want to crash on a lounger sip a boat drink and let the sun and melodies wash over me, so on that bombshell here's todays choice:

Ben Macklin & Yota – Controller (Cassette Club Night Remix)

Macklin has been a prolific producer for a few years, releasing on big labels such as Azuli and under various guises. Cassette Club on the other hand have been getting a lot of attention in the house scene of late, and it's not hard to understand why when you hear this track. It's also not surprising when you hear it's actually another side project for Macklin, working with Tom Hammond and concentrating a bit more on the Nu Disco Tropical side of house. Which is how this remix came about i suppose. 

It's a belter of a tune, very down tempo with stripped back vocals (with a lot of reverb on them), lovely filtered Rhodes stabs and synth pads, plus a big big bouncing, but simple, electro walking bassline. Like most of Macklins stuff it's loaded in melody, and lots of arppegios. Also like pretty much everything Macklin has done it's awash in melancholy, which is always a big draw for me.

Best of all it's a free download, and whilst you're there you should really check out some of their other stuff, lot's of 80's sounding vibes – especially Don't Go off their unreleased EP.

They have a few releases coming up and a few live dates which you can keep track of on http://www.cassetteclub.com 


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