10 Jul

Beirut – Scenic World

So I am going to keep this great, lesser known, 2 minute pop songs going and today I am going to stick up what is one of my favourite songs of all time. I decided to choose something to listen to on the way in to work this morning, my 2 minute theme in my head and as soon as I saw this it was all over.

Scenic World by Beirut.

I am a big fan of Zach Condon’s work as Beirut and this 2 minute beauty is a great embodiment of all the things I love, beautiful pop melodies, interwoven world elements and some truly fantastic lyrics. My only complaint with this song is that it fades out, I don’t like songs that fade out. Other than that it’s perfect in every way.

I have this secret fantasy where I am on Strictly Come Dancing and I do a samba to this track, I have the theme and costumes all worked out. You never know, it might happen.

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