27 Oct

The Beatles – Come Together (Rhythm Scholar Remix)

Family has been away for a few days so I’ve been left to my own devices and playing a lot of music around the house, practicing my own spinning and production and so on… the down side of that is I’ve been staying up way too late whilst I ponce around and it was a very tired and bleary eyed Aapie that headed off to work.

However one of the upsides of having sometime to myself is that I've been able to sort through and load my phone up with lots of new stuff, and my commutes have been about catching up on that stuff. Today i just let shuffle do it's thing and it got to a track i'd finally got around to checking over the weekend:

The Beatles – Come Together (Rhythm Scholar Remix)

Remixing classics is a risky business, it can go one of two ways – be amazing, or suck the big fat one. Thankfully this is in the first category.

Rhythm Scholar has taken one of the great Beatles songs and given it some heavy drums, based around the Funky Drummer break and a few other well known drums like the Led Zepplin "When the Levee breaks" drums. it never stays still for too long, and the drums and breaks swap constantly without ever losing the flow fo the track… lots of effects, and an accapella coupled with some nice jazzy keys and a host of other samples you'll be going "ah, what's THAT" as you recognise them. 

We get sent a lot of stuff, some of it good, some of it not so much, but occasionally we get something that just stops us in our track, and todays choice was one of those occasions.

All in all a great little mix, and available for free download – not sure for how long all things considered so grab it now.

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