31 Jul

Bear Witness & Holy Calamity

This is a definete first for me, i actually couldn't choose which track to feature so i'm going for both, the first:

Dr Octagon – Bear Witness

the Second:

The Handsome Boy Modelling School – Holy Calamity (Bear Witness Part II)

I suppose the obvious reason for blogging both tracks is because they are obviously intrinsically linked, both produced by Dan The Automator, both featuring a top DJ's absolutely ripping it apart on the decks, and both featuring crazy beats but the driving point in both tracks is the vocal sample the first sampling the immortal “Creating Rap Music 'coz i Never Dug disco” line from 4-ever Fresh's – Urban Sound Surgeon (so many people think it's Chuck D), and the second track's “Holy Calamity, Scream Insanity, all you're ever gonna be is a another great fan of me. Break!” sample coming from….. 4-ever Fresh's – Urban Sound Surgeon (sorry that was cruel).

But it's more than that, both tracks are brilliant sample spotting opportunities, and both tracks feature DJ's so far at the top of the game it's unreal… Bear Witness the mighty Q-bert cutting it up in jaw dropping style, and Holy Calamity featuring both DJ Shadow and DJ Quest on the decks and bringing it hard.

As you'll have noticed i've been revisiting a lot of old music of late, especially Hip Hop and quite a ot of turntablism based stuff – well Hip Hop with prominent Tablists within the music, and i'll be frank here, it's really got me excited again…it's music where i think the energy or anger stays timeless, and i think the sheer ferocity of these two tracks really bring that home.

The real thing for me though is that it's another amazing track from Dan the Automator. In Hip Hop you tend to get great producers who can come to the front. People like Premier, J-Dilla and Kanye for example, but Automator never quite stepped into the limelight in the same way others have, yet he's been instrumental in so much great music, the Dr Octagon LP and his role in helping Shadow produce Endtroducing being almost overlooked. It's on listening to tracks like this I realise how brilliant a producer he can be, yet they are criminally tucked away almost s after thoughts on two fringe albums. Criminal.


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