12 Oct

Bat For Lashes – Daniel

Been digging in the hard drive this weekend and rediscovered the Bat For Lashes – Two Suns Album, stuck it on my Nexus and bosh – todays choice was born.


Bat For Lashes are an odd one. Odd in that despite promising to be huge, they/she never quite broke through as much as I thought BFL would. Never quite Indy enough, or Pop enough or whatever for the cool kids meant BFL's music was always on the radio except when the charts hit. But Melancholy is the order of the day for Natasha Khan's music and for that alone it gets a massive thumbs up in my book.


I followed BFL since I heard "What's a Girl to do", and used to play it out a lot, was a great warm up set song. A little bit hip hop in attitude, but that 60's feel to it was just brilliant.


Daniel goes the other way, tapping into the 80's (we love the 80's round here) and all the teenage angst the movies of those days brought with them. A love song to an imaginary boy it's all about the chorus which is about as Fleetwood Mac as you'll get without listening to Tango in the Night.


I'll admit it's a completely self indulgent choice, but i've been ill and sometimes you just need  abit of comfortThe track got to 36 in the UK charts but probably deserved a bit better, if not just for the awesome karate kid ending video.


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