30 Sep

Bassbin Twins – Volume 1, Side 2, Track 2

So, the link to today’s track is a bit of a long one. On my way in to work, on the radio came Jailbird by Primal Scream. A great track, but it made me think of the excellent Chemical Brothers Remix, which in turn took me back to the big beat era and got me thinking of other tracks.

During that time there was a lot of white label, west coast breaks/electro (Dj icey and the like), some good, but some terrible. But by far the best was the Bassbin twins stuff. My favourite was today’s track.

It has no name, just a positioning on the ep, its quite straightforward in the fact that it is built on 3 key samples that are chopped up and dropped in and out. But what samples they are.. The legendary Apache, Assembly Line by the Commodores and Beardman Ska by the Skatalites. Apache and Ska – it doesn’t get any better than that.

Whenever I used to do this track the place would go mad and it still sounds ace today. Always makes me smile. And thank you to the awesome people (more patient than I), who upload this stuff to YouTube.

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